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WTS Case and PSU
08-08-2007, 11:11 AM,
WTS Case and PSU
Thermaltake Xaser II
$140 new, a couple scratches in paint, nothing broken.

All stock 80mm fans replaced. Front 2 are now vantec blue led, rear two are generic black, and door fan is enermax quiet ball bearing fan.

Factory fan speed controller/temp gauge replaced with a Hardcano 10 - $34.99 new.

Comes with a dual cathode blue ccfl with pci bracket switch. One cathode is missing a cap, but still functions perfectly. Cathodes were $9.99 new.

All red accents have been custom painted black using high temp ultra durability krylon.

6 3.5" bays
4 5.25 bays
5 80mm fans
Locking front and side door's

Aftermarket ultra bright blue power led

Total investment of $185+, selling for $40


Hardcano specs:

Antec SmartPower 2.0 450watt PSU
Selling for $45

Will sell together for $75 total. | Peace, Love, and Rockets LAN Parties
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